Get Quick Donations

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You can get quick donations by sharing your campaign at social media. 

According to experts 1 share at social media average generate $10 per share. Share your campaign and request your friends and family to share your campaign to generate funds soon.

Where i can share campaign?

There are a lot of ways you can share your campaigns.

1. Share at your Facebook profile

2. Share at Facebook Groups

3. Share at your Facebook page

4. Share at your Twitter account

5. Share at your Instagram account

6. Share at your Tumblr account

7. Share at your Google Plus account

8. Share at your Snapchat account

9. Share at your Vkontakte (VK) account

10. Share at your Pinterest account

11. Share at your Linkedin account

12. Share at your Telegram account

13. Share at your Reddit account

14. Share at your Deliciuos account

15. Create video of your campaign, insert campaign link in description and upload it to Youtube and Dailymotion

16. If you have your website or blog, you can copy your campaign embed code and insert it into your website or blog.


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You can also promote your campaign with Google Ads and Facebook Ads and can generate funds quickly. 


You can also promote your campaign with Uphatter. Click here for more details

Share your campaign at each of your social media account 5 times per day. Hope it will help you to generate funds very quickly. If you have any question, please feel free to cotnact us.