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Help Hourly Workers During Coronavirus Crisis

Christian Frank

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the United States (and much of the world) t...

$7,640 Raised 7.64%

Goal $100,000

Grow our food

Faith kioko

To help children in this rural school in Kenya grow their own food as draught ha...

$300 Raised 0.30%

Goal $100,000

I’ve become a victim of internet fraud

Andrii Malashchuk

I’m Andrii Malashchuk, PhD student in chemistry from Ukraine. I also worked in E...

$200 Raised 2.00%

Goal $10,000

Feeding street children during covid 19

Harun Nganga Wakanyi

A lot of these children have been disappointed so many times and that's made som...

$169 Raised 169.00%

Goal $100