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I.T for IDPs in Bamenda (especially girls)

Bobga Doh Aloysius

My name is BOBGA DOH ALOYSIUS. I'm a computer technician and network specialist...

$20 Raised 0.50%

Goal $4,000


Okeh Prince Chinasa

The world was hit by a pandemic in 2020 and Nigeria was not spared.This year, th...

$20 Raised 0.29%

Goal $7,000

Raising Med-school Funds

Ruth Samala

With only a year to go in Med school, help me raise my campaign goal amount to h...

$20 Raised 0.91%

Goal $2,200

help kid get to school

John smith

we want to get 50 to 100 kids in haiti that their family have problem fund to sc...

$10 Raised 0.18%

Goal $5,500