urgently I need Help For My Wife Ear Opration

My name is Gurpreet Singh and I am raising funds for my wife Monika Kumari, who accidentally fell down stairs and got severe injuries. My wife suffered this home accident but got major injuries in her ears due to which she needs to undergo operations. 2 Operations are to be performed. Further treatment will cost 900$ which will be difficult for us to afford. However, it is essential that I save my wife. Please assist me in raising the necessary funds to save a life. My heart aches as I watch my wife suffer in pain. For months now, we have been struggling to cope with this nightmare, never expecting such a tragedy to befall us. Every second of her life is precious, and that is why we are asking for your help. We need your support to raise the funds necessary for his recovery. Please, if you can, consider donating and sharing our story with your friends and family. Every contribution matters, and together we can make a difference for my wife and our family. The goal amount of the campaign may be higher than the attached estimates to address and aid the post-hospitalization expenses/contingencies including but not limited to prolonged medication, diagnostics, rehabilitation therapies, and follow-up doctor visits/consultations which vary from disease to disease.
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gurpreet singh Created May 15, 2023 india


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