Help people who can’t afford to pay

I'm running this campaign to raise money for people who are struggling to pay property taxes. It's time to help those who can't. The holiday are a hard time for many people, and it can be particularly difficult for those who have lost their homes or found themselves unable to pay the property tax due at the end of the year.

We're trying to help them out in any way we can- and we need your help!
We're launcing a GoFundMe campaign today to raise money for individual struggling with this issue(which is why we chose "RES" as our name). This will be an annual campaign, So donations will go toward paying off their property tax debt.

If you'd like to contribute any amount of money, it will go towards helping who are struggling with this problem. All fund raised will be used by us to help individuals pay off their property tax debt.

Also, if you're looking for ways to your friends or family members make ends mett, this is a great way!

All funds raised through this campaign will be used exclusively toward paying off property tax bebts.
No funds will be used for anything else - it'll all go toward helping those in need.
I'm hoping that if I can rais enough money, I can help many people avoid losing their homes and get back on track with paying their bills.

That we cam make sure these people don't lose their homes! If you can kindly donate any amount will help.
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Eml Hkim Created Jan 22, 2023 United States


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