Second Chance

This campaign is humbly ask and open hearts globally?. I am a young South African girl living in South Africa, who fell victim to a Nigerian scammer; who scammed me more than R350000. 00 of my mother's pension fund and other various loans I took all in the name of "TRADING" that he introduced me to. As it is I am on verge of losing my mother's house and all that she laboured for more than 25 years working. I tried various means of income to try and provide, but as of right now It is not enough to settle all bills I put us in.

I sell at local school and try to pick glass bottles, plastic bottles so I can take them to a local recycling company to earn a living, but it is not enough for save my family because we are in dire need of a financial miracle; not only did I lose money, I was almost human trafficked when I was trying to get the money back. I have proof, police reports, bank payments of whose amounts that's was scammed.

I pray and hope that atleast I can try save the house, repay the loans we took. At this point I am very scared that I might lose my mother because this took a bad toll on her health wise. Basically if I lose her I killed her. That pain alone will stain and I will feel I am murderer.

I don't mean to disrespect, or drain anyone I am genuinely asking for help to pay loans I took and save the house and food. And take care of my mother , I humbly ask that I am given a second chance to right the wrongs I did. I ask you to help me save my mother. I live a life of regret, and every time I see my mother eating from hand to mouth it pains me?, it pains me every time she complains of a certain pain because stress that she has because of me. It pains me to feel that I am the reason why my mother is deteriorating and seeing it... I ask for help ?
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Kamogelo Masela Created Jan 20, 2023 South Africa


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