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Please Assist My Family In Recovering Their Vehicle And Cover The Associated Costs Hi, my name is Gilbert. I've established this campaign to raise money for my family. I am asking for help to get my car back that got impounded due to an error in our car insurance, which resulted in a coverage gap in the state of New York and triggered this severe financial scenario for my family. We have always had continuous auto insurance. However, after we filed a claim for our vehicle after it was scratched while it was parked, the premiums for our insurance went up significantly. While we were hoping to save money on our insurance premiums by removing my spouse from our policy, we were unaware that this would result in a coverage gap, which we now hope will resolve in approximately 56 days. As a result, we had no choice but to max out all our credit limit with the small amount of money saved from working for door dash/Uber helped us rent out a vehicle that came out to be extremely expensive. Since we have five children, our family relies heavily on our car, especially now that school has begun. Thankfully, my two oldest children attend a high school within walking distance of our house. However, it is exceedingly burdensome for the younger children because they must ride public transit in a dreadful Staten Island neighborhood. We are selfless, have never stopped helping people in any capacity, and are always glad to do what we do, regardless of the circumstances. We had always assumed the responsibility and weight of caring for others in our lives, even when there was no legal requirement to do so and have never asked for assistance, but we need it more today than ever. lease make a significant contribution to assist us in meeting expenses while we wait for our car to be returned, as managing our finances is exceedingly difficult right now. No matter how big or small, your assistance will be warmly accepted and generously appreciated. Thank you in advance for your precious time and thoughtful consideration. God bless you!
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Gilbert Created Sep 20, 2022 New York, NY


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