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Using my savings, loans and online jobs I have managed to pay the initial fees for my degree. Now I am short of 8000$, for which I am working online, in night shifts and through all the part time jobs I can find.

As the part payment is done there is a deadline on full payment which if not paid in time cancels my whole education contract and all the effort, I have put into it.

Help me finish this last stretch of obstacles and raise the money needed by raising 5000$.

As there is a surplus of students and so many freelancers who have more skills than me, I am unable to fund the remaining amount all alone. It has been hard, and I want this phase of my life to end for good.

At the same time, I have reached this point in life where it's either ask for help or remain in the same situation.

Note: I have been trying to gain these funds without looking for donations but found no other way. Sold my assets, service, time, and skills to meet the demand, yet it's no closer to collecting the money. Please help me. Invested too much into this process to back out at this point.

If you doubt my authenticity, check the link for further proof of my situation. I feel uncomfortable asking strangers, hence the anonymity.

Additional proof
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#Update This whole platform turns out to be a fake one. As I am trying to raise funds as much as possible, found a way for you to donate without getting charged extra fees.

Please access the link below

Maths Created Sep 19, 2022 Berlin


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A surprise course material helping your business visibility online.

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Contains a random custom course and a thank you note.

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Get a digital asset which contains a self-help course on Cyber Security

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