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My name is A.M and my partner is Mutlu We are Iranian gay couple and had lived under Islamic law and Sharia which sentences LGBT to death and torture and Jill . After graduation we had to escape from that real hell on 2015. Since then we have been in Turkey waiting to resettlement by unhcr but our cases have been stopped 4 years because of teravel ban and then because of coronavirus and other excuses while we are under severe horrible situation we have been attacked by knife and injured hardly and ather health problems that needed surgery while we have no support even by police or government or any organizations and no initially rights to live such as medical insurance and permission to work legally or leave the city in fact we moved from hell to another one. Canada pronounced can accept us under sponsorship Visa program but we have to pay all our costs which is impossible to provide about 30000$ for a couple. We are in a very critical mental state that we are experiencing worse conditions every day
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A.M Created May 14, 2022 Turkey


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