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Bring Hope to Children Through Our Pride Center Looking into the eyes of a child who feels lost in their sadness, alone in their suffering, and trapped in their loneliness is one of the most heartbreaking moments you will ever witness. Unfortunately, for millions of children across the United States, depression, anxiety, trauma, and abuse are part of their daily lives with many having nowhere to go to feel safe. In fact, according to the National Center for Mental Health Promotion and Youth Violence Prevention, 26% of children in the United States will witness or experience a traumatic event before they turn four. When polled as adults, 60% of them report experiencing abuse or other difficult family circumstances during childhood. Those statistics are alarming, but the trauma comes in a multitude of forms from physical abuse by a family member to bully’s in school. With so many potentially negative events happening in our children’s lives, they need a place where they can feel safe. A place where they can be themselves and open up to others if they choose to do so. A place where they will not be judged and instead be welcomed with open arms. Our Pride Center will be just that place and we are seeking your support in funding the completion of our care/rec center to aid children who are struggling with outside trauma or traumatic events. Our Pride Center, located in York, PA, will be open 24/7 to allow children the opportunity to have a safe haven in times of need. The rec center itself will be fitted with video game competitions, basketball, soccer, and football activities and events, and will give the children a positive platform to vent their frustrations, anger, and anxiety. By implementing a care/rec center focused on providing an open and welcoming atmosphere to children and teens, those who previously felt isolated in their struggles will discover they are not alone and have a secure sheltered place to express their emotions without the burden of judgment. To reach our goals, Our Pride Center is counting on your support to help build these children up and allow them to see the potential of their futures. 100% of your generous donations will go directly towards the following:
  • Purchase and licensing of a secure location
  • Supplies i.e., sports and video equipment, couches, chairs, writing materials, etc.
  • Insurance, taxes, and fees
  • Marketing and Advertising to ensure the children within the area have full knowledge of a safe haven in their time of need
Every child deserves to feel protected and safe in order to grow into a productive adult. Our Pride Center will give these children the opportunity to heal from past trauma, discover new opportunities and skills, make new and lifelong friends, and just feel welcomed and secure in a world where they all too often feel isolated and alone. Let’s help our children discover the amazing people they are and build a brighter future for all those in need! Thank you for your generous support and we ask that you please share this campaign with your family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. Together we can create a safe haven for the ones who need it most…our children!
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Sasha Collazo Created May 12, 2022 York, PA


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