Early Child Development Center

Intern 256 is an organization founded to provide hands-on international development and cultural immersion experiences to students and professionals. We strive to facilitate sustainable change in communities in Uganda by bringing together the voices of the community, the ongoing efforts of local groups and organizations, and the local resources identified in the community and connecting them with international students, professionals, and donors who want to make a difference.
Based on our 2022 strategic plan, we are looking at setting up an Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) to cater to over 400 children in Nakabango a Jinja –Uganda village to serve 4 nearby villages namely; Nakabango, Namulesa, Lwanda, and Nsube respectively.
The project’s objectives will be based on providing children with a well-furnished center where food, clothes, medical services as well as good hygiene, and education among other basic needs will be provided free of charge. This will be so because the majority of the children and communities live under the poverty line and struggle with an educational disadvantage which hampers their growth.
To manage these issues, it is necessary to develop capacity-building training for a sustainable ECD center and also involve communities based institutions, to work together on removing all forms of barriers. Early Childhood Development is the foundation for the advancement of the world and the capacity to meet the economic growth of the nation. To give better development chances to the children the Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) hopes to give quality training to youngsters, advancing parental instruction, mindfulness raising efforts, and giving nourishing backings to youth and babies that will cultivate intellectual and physical advancement.
The initiative will target marginalized and disadvantaged children mostly orphans and children living with vulnerability within the age range of 3- 6 years. The project intends to help children in the four villages where poverty has prevailed most. The project will give peace and hope to Orphans and vulnerable children through Education at the Nursery level, Health, Hygiene, and HIV prevention programs for parents and legal guardians in the community. The Health Unit will help the community to also access free;
-Antenatal, post-natal preventive, and basic health care services which improve child survival rates ( including breastfeeding)
-Nutrition services, which improve children’s physical development;
-Services for the prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV (PMTCT) and pediatric HIV care and support services.
-Water and sanitation services, provide a hygienic environment for children.
All funds collected from this campaign together with additional funds from Intern 256 trustees will be used to build a 3 roomed block which will be used as classrooms for the children and stock up a health unit for both the children and their vulnerable parents.
Please stand with us in this cause.
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Jonan Created Apr 27, 2022 Jinja- Uganda


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