I’ve become a victim of internet fraud

I’m Andrii Malashchuk, PhD student in chemistry from Ukraine. I also worked in Enamine Ltd in Kyiv, where we developed drug discovery for big pharmaceutical companies. When the war in my country began, I tried to differentiate my savings and buy some crypto. Then I was scammed on pancakeswap.finance, where I bought token, which was copy of the real token, and my money were stolen. I invest around 30 BNB, so now I really feel awful and I’m running out of money. I did this mistake in hurry, the main cause was dangerous situation in Ukraine. Now i need money for my family, I want to pay for my sister’s education abroad. I know, you don’t have to believe me, but I’m not lying, you can also see my 3 publications in Scopus. If anyone can help, I’ll really appreciate it, don’t matter how.
Thank you for your attention
  • Anonymous


    Sorry to hear that you have been scammed.

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Andrii Malashchuk Created Mar 14, 2022 Ukraine


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