John Family Funeral, Medical, Living Expenses

We have been in contact with Matthew John, the brother of John, and he has given us his full support in setting up this fund. We want to assure you that Brian is the rightful beneficiary of this fund, and it is not a fraudulent account. Although the family was initially unaware of who we were, we have been in direct communication with Brian to ensure that the funds raised will go directly to him and his family. On March 6, 2020, a devastating head-on collision took the lives of Rosa and 5-year-old Juniper in Brush Prarie. Juniper's siblings, Elliot and Lona, are currently in critical condition. This tragedy has shaken the community, reminding us of how fragile life can be. Brian, the husband of Rosa and father of the three children involved in the accident, needs to be by the bedside of his two critically injured children. He is also grieving the loss of his beloved Rosa and sweet Juniper. We ask that you please pray for the Joh family during this difficult time. We are asking for your help in raising funds to support the John family with funeral costs and medical bills. Your donation will help Brian lay his family to rest and be with his other two children as they recover from this terrible tragedy. We appreciate any support you can give to help the John family during this difficult time.
  • Ruth

  • Solon

  • Rosella

  • Natalia

  • Emilio

  • Maximillia

  • Pearl

  • Susanna

  • Perry

  • Hosea

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Justin Harnish Created Mar 07, 2020 Vancouver, WA


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