Panther PowerBelt

Our main mission is to reduce battery pollution by using our patented graphene-coated magnetic connectors, magnetic switches, and magnetic disconnects along with solar energy and graphene supercapacitor technology. AttractionNAction Inc. provides stackable graphene supercapacitor power packs and Magnetic Power Cells to replace lead and lithium-ion batteries used in many devices and vehicles. We offer better power storage at a lower cost with a lifespan that is 7 times longer and a charge rate that is measured in minutes instead of hours. We provide an efficient and powerful solution to battery pollution. No Batteries. No Wires. No Limits.

The mission behind the missionProvide clean drinking water to areas of the world where it is not available by drilling wells and using solar-powered water pumps. ➢ Provide education to areas of the world where schooling is not available by building small Amish-type schools that are solar-powered and use LED lighting so that community events can occur at night. ➢ Protect the rain forest with all of its beneficial plants to mankind and amazing unique animals

Your contribution will be appreciated, regardless of how much you give. There will be more to the reward than money. One dollar alone can bring a smile to a face that has never experienced joy or had the pleasure of seeing a smile before. Our JOY (Journeys Of Yay) might be able to provide them with hope through our future humanitarian missions. Our company, Company Of Balance (COB), teaches people how to plant corn and to use solar to forget the feeling of thirst through solar-powered water wells. Restoring humanity's connection with nature and bringing kindness back to mankind. We are a nature positive initiative.

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Edward Heffner

Created Jan 07, 2022 United States


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