Financing to Create a Catering Service

The crisis are moments of opportunity. My name is Ana, my profession is a Lawyer in Venezuela, but given the pandemic crisis, which has forced people to be at home serving a quarantine, the consequence in my case has been: debts and burdens to which I find it difficult to cope on my own and with my effort and honest work.

Faced with such a panorama and in the search for a solution, I have had the need to reinvent myself at work. The pandemic crisis has generated a business opportunity in the food service or catering at home. Since people do not usually leave their homes, prepared or ready-to-eat food is a practical, simple solution that can be adapted to any budget. Not only for a family event but also for day to day. Since my passion has always been to prepare food for parties and events of my friends, I have created this campaign, with the aim of raising the necessary funds to enable the kitchen of my house and thus be able to prepare food comfortably, contact suppliers of certain foods and beverages, obtain a home delivery vehicle and thus be able to turn a crisis into an opportunity.

Any donation is WELCOME, and will be invested in obtaining the instruments and tools necessary to adapt my kitchen to the business model as well as obtaining the necessary food for it.

Please help me make my dream come true.
  • Billy Allen


    May God bless and keep you safe.

  • Anonymous


    Amo las obras en gris, Dios te bendiga.

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Ana Created Oct 26, 2021 Venezuela


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