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I am in Ukraine, I have such a problem. I got into debt (the apartment is pledged) and I can hardly cope with payments. That same COVID-19 was sitting without a robot and went kicking, I have a total debt of $ 30,000, but I am not asking that they throw $ 100 at $ 1 each. Creditors of the skin day to call for me to return the money, I can turn quickly. Maybe there will be people here, as soon as 30,000 people will throw off $ 1 each, then even you will not feel it, but I will stay at the apartment and stop calling me. So I want to live in peace without calls and threats. Thanks to everyone who will help the skin, maybe in such a situation. Sorry, but I don't know much English, I use a translator.
$ 5375 4188 0042 8534
Є 5375 4199 0070 0830
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Created May 15, 2021 Ukraina


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