Hello everyone, We are a group of friends, We love animals, I hope you too

As you already know this is a very hard time for all of us and so is for the street dogs in our society
Many street dogs have been going hungry for days without even a small piece of bread

For the last two months, we are feeding around 50+(still counting) stray dogs every day out of our own pocket money,
Now as you all know we are going through hard times(COVID-19 LOCKDOWN), we don't have enough money
to feed these animals, We decided to ask for help.

We have a new plan for these animals, 1. building a small shelter 2. make sure they are properly vaccinated from time to time
  1. Build Small Shelter Nearby
  2. Feeding them two times a day
  3. Vaccination from time to time

Our target is to stock 6 month worth of dog food
Feeding all dogs costs us around $600 a month = $3600 for 6 months
For vaccination - C3 vaccination around $60-70 per dose = $3500 for 50 dogs
Roughly Another $3000 for a small shelter for 50+ dogs(still counting)

It’s impossible to feed them without any support or funds. Your donations can help us save someone’s life,
fill some empty stomachs and so much more.
We request you to $$donate us to help these voiceless poor animals, and make them not stray hungry once again

No donation goes unnoticed, We ensure every penny you share to look after the food and well being of these animals

Please be as generous as possible

Donate as little as $1
And Don't forget to SHARE this message with your friends, family and folks on social media

*** Please ENCOURAGE Us With Your COURAGE ***

"He Who Feeds A Hungry Animal Feeds His Own Soul."

Thank You So Much For Any Love You Can Give.
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Team - Help Strays

Created May 03, 2021 Bangalore, India


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