My name is Tibenkana H. from Buwuni, Eastern Uganda. Am glad to introduce to you baby nash with an uncomfortable medical condition on the the leg and stomach as seen. She is my daughter 5years old. On 14th\July\2020, Nash fell down holding a cup of tea which severely burnt her stomach and legs. Fortunately, despite the severity of injuries, the internal matters of the stomach weren't affected as did the legs. What is unfortunate, however, the healing process of the wounds has left behind patches of itchy scars that have become a nightmare for my daughter. The itching can't let her sleep, play or concentrate on anything including studies. The same applies to me and her mom because we can't be comfortable seeing her in such a predicament. A specialist doctor recommended an operation costing 1,650 USD but my financial condition given the prevalent global economic trend, can afford that amount. Am therefore humbly writing to implore the diligent, wonderful and incredulous members of this community to come to my rescue and support this operation. This amount may look minimal to your side but to me, it's a lifetime mark. For it suffices as a disposer of this continuos physical and psychological torture that defines our life today. May the Lord bless you and your work. Tibenkana Hamidu [email protected] +256703887018(WhatsApp/Call)
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Tibenkana Hamidu

Created Apr 05, 2021 Uganda


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