homeless for being different

  • im sorry for being here and asking for help well theres alot of kids and people who are really in need ...
  • im 21 and homeless without any deplomes and i cant get a job because of how i look like with i got kicked out affter coming out as a homosexuel ,the last 7 years of my life were hell i wasn't allowed to go out or go to see anybody since my prents started questioning my gender and sexuality after they found some homosexual pictures on my laptop they thought that i was sick i needed to get better by staying away from the society they stopped my from school ar home school (i was always trying to read as much as i can to keep myself's company ) i couldn't choose anything for my self or who to be or what to be . all i wanted to finish my studies and live normal like normal teenagers in my age ... i tried to kill myself multiple times , i was saved by the same people who made me do it .
  • 20 days ago my dad forced me to marry his 65years friend i took everything they hurted me with for all this years but marrying somebody i dont love it cant be possible i said no and no isnt an ansewr for an islamic thinkers i had to run from home and i've been homeless since than i was trying to contact anyone who can help me from the LGBT+ and leave to an country who respect me as humain all i could found is in turkish and i have to be there to get the help all all what keeps me alive now is the hope start my transition and finish my studies there.
  • all i need is help to get help to get my papres done here(passport...) and get the plan ticket and stop spending night at the streets,
  • the picture is where i sleep a night in this cold to hide from the cops because in my country being homeless its a crim
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Created Feb 15, 2021 morocco


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