I.T for IDPs in Bamenda (especially girls)

My name is BOBGA DOH ALOYSIUS. I'm a computer technician and network specialist and instructor in the above mentioned courses and other I.T related courses. I run a small computer shop and training center in Bamenda Cameroon. As it is the case,this is one of the two English speaking regions heavily affected by an armed conflict between government forces and separatist fighting for authonomy.
Many schools have closed and youths who escaped from troubled villages and cannot go out of the region are faced with learning challenges( lack of finance). Most want to learn a vocation and acquire skills that can help them pick up little jobs to do.I have trained and given many of them skills in "computer maintenance, secretaryship, networking and other computer related skills.However,challenges are being faced at the levels of rents, bills, teaching materials and incentives for instructors.
I kindly solicit for your supports to keep this program running
Thank you for showing interest and thank you for giving this project a thought .
God bless you.
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Bobga Doh Aloysius

Created Sep 16, 2020 Bamenda Cameroon


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