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Hi! My name is Marina. I've been running a small school that helps kids and adults get additional education in Maths, Art, Russian, Kazakh, English, helping kids with the speech and development disorder. Due to the lockdown because of the COVID pandemic, we have been closed since March 18 and have only opened once for 4 weeks in June-July. And after that we have been closed again. The lessons in my school are for individuals and small groups, right now we are able to teach the smaller parts of lessons online but they are not suitable for smaller kids or kids with some disorders. I hope that the pandemic situation around the world gets better soon. But right now my business is on the point of going bankrupt because there haven't been enough lessons to pay all the bills and salaries and rent and the creditors demand their payments. This school is a child of mine and I can't imagine what my life would be like without it. And it is also home to 120 students that we have been helping to get quality education and teachers who will lose their jobs if I have to close down. I am asking all the interested people to provide any kind of help to raise the necessary amount. Please help us save our small school and be able to function for many years serving those who desperately need to have lessons to improve their knowledge as good quality education is very important to get a good job, to go to college and just for life in general. I am grateful in advance to everyone who will want to help us. Stay safe and take care. ?❤️
  • Anne Bowman


    Send lots of positivity your way!!

  • CaroCooks


    A small start is still a start! Keep your head up high Marina!

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Marina Created Jul 11, 2020 Kazakhstan


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