Troy Brosnan’s koala bush fire relief fund

Troy Brosnan’s Koala bush fire relief is to provide any help to all the surviving Koalas from the recent bush fires on kangaroo island and also in Adelaide my home town. There have been so many Koalas rescued and saved so far and any donations help to save more lives!

All money raised will go to the ADELAIDE Koala Rescue(AKR) Via Simon Zappia
The funds will be withdrawn by Simon Zappia that works directly at AKR.
Thank you all for the support for this cause!
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  • Laury

  • Dessie

  • Carolyne

  • Dino

  • Erika

  • Kailey

  • Landen

  • Lincoln

  • Jessica

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Steven Created May 01, 2020 Seacombe Gardens, SA


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