Save Sudan's Lions and Wildlife

I am the first one to initially photograph and post about the Lions at AlQurashi park in Khartoum, Sudan. I started this campaign to rescue five lions at the facility. Lions at AlQurashi park in central Khartoum are in dire need of assistance. They need urgent medical care, better living conditions and regular supply of healthy food. Since the campaign started one of the five lions at the park has sadly died. Another lioness is in critical condition. Several other parks in Sudan are suffering from the same poor conditions for the Lions and other wildlife. International rescue teams have been mobilized but awaiting authorization from the authorities to visit Sudan. We need funds to buy medical supplies, cleaning supplies, food, equipment and for logistics. The Sudanese Wildlife rangers lack the basic equipment to deal with wild animals such as tranquilizer guns, straps, cages, harnesses, trackers and other equipment. Please help us save the endangered wildlife in AlQurashi park and across Sudan. Thank you
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