ATTN: Every Living Thing (ELT) animal rescue and rehabilitation center needs IMMEDIATE HELP relocating our 300 animals within our 30 day eviction notice.

Every Living Thing is a non-profit NGO Animal Welfare Organization that aims to improve the lives of animals in Tanzania.

ELT exists to rescue sick, abused, and neglected animals as well as homeless animals from the streets. We provide them with veterinary care and treatment with the aim of rehabilitation and rehoming them into loving and caring homes. In the last 4 years Every Living Thing has removed hundreds of stray dogs and cats from the streets of Dar es Salaam, has provided long term population control solutions through spay and neutering, as well as disease prevention through mass rabies vaccination drives.

As some of you may know, we have faced a long and difficult land dispute. Despite our very best efforts, we have lost our land battle - the decision is final and completely out of our hands. Now we face having to safely relocate all of our rescued dogs, cats, goats, rabbits, and guinea pigs by March 21st 2020 - no easy feat!

We are focusing our efforts into making a new happy home for all of our wonderful animals. Our funding will be dedicated to acquiring our new plot and building the required infrastructure in the new location! This involves digging, fencing, building (our beautiful and grand cat garden, dog houses, shelter to protect the animals from Tanzania's weather extremes, etc.)

We are a small organisation with big hearts - we have the utmost gratitude to our supporters near and far who continue to help us achieve our goal of successfully rescuing and rehabilitating animals in Tanzania.

What is left to say is a BIG THANK YOU for your support, however big or small.

"Its about fostering empathy and extending justice and mercy to those who are different from us" - Brittany Hilton
  • Eldon

  • Jaunita

  • Jamir

  • Gordon

  • Violet

  • Marguerite

  • Brett

  • Junius

  • Malika

  • Jany

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