Teddy's Second Chance At Life

Teddy is a 7 month old Saint Bernard puppy who desperately needs your help. Earlier this year Teddy had two major operations on both his front legs due to a genetic condition called Retained Cartilage Core. Essentially this is where their front legs do not grow as they should. Urgent specialist attention was required before 6 months of age before his growth plates closed, as after 6 months of age nothing can be done, and humane euthanasia is the only option left. Teddy had his legs broken in three places in both front legs, with multiple plates and pins required to straighten both his front legs.

Teddy's front legs were successfully straightened with the surgery but they have stopped growing and are too short to keep up with the rest of his growing body. Teddy needs further urgent major surgery within the next month to lengthen his front legs so that they are the same length as his back legs. If we wait too long to proceed with the surgery then it will be too late for our poor baby. Teddy is such a happy, joyful, energetic puppy, he loves everyone. I simply cannot bare to let him go without trying.

We live in Northern Tasmania and the only surgeon who can do the operation for Teddy is in Melbourne. Teddy will need to board at the Emergency Veterinary Practice in Melbourne for four weeks while they slowly lengthen his front legs. There is no one in Tasmania that can do this surgery.
So we have the cost of flying Teddy to Melbourne and back, the cost of the surgery, and the cost of the boarding while he is there.
Teddy's prognosis is excellent if he has this surgery, however if he does not have this surgery, humane euthanasia will be his only option, he would not even make it to his first Birthday.

I (Teddy's Mum) am in my first year out of University, and I have maxed out Teddy's Pet Insurance for the year from his first two major operations. Teddy has been a major support for me after losing my other Saint Bernard earlier this year, and I simply cannot bare the thought of losing him. I believe he deserves a second chance at a long, happy, and pain-free life. The surgery that has been offered to Teddy has a very high success rate and the surgeon is confident it will give Teddy a normal life. We have come so far I don't want to let him down now. Please donate and help save a life.
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Created May 01, 2020 Launceston, TAS Australia


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