Help Jackson's Place Unleashed Pet Resort

Jackson's Place Unleashed Pet Resort closed one location early March and closed the second location on March 31st to help protect our community. The closure will continue until the stay at home has lifted. This will be an incredible hit to our business, employees and family.

Our highest priority has always been to provide a sense of family to our employees and our customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have always strived to create a safe workplace and safe space for the fur-kids that we care for day to day.

We are asking for $75.000. The funds will go to help ensure that our employees have jobs to return to and that Jackson's Place will survive this crisis. There are two loans out there for small businesses, but it looks like we will not be receiving either of these loans. It is sad and trying times.

We want nothing more than to keep working. It is a terrible feeling to close our doors not knowing when we will open again. We are doing our best to preserve Jackson's Place Unleashed Pet Resort and the team of employees. We love each and every one of our employees and customers and every day that we are closed our team is constantly in communication about how we miss each other and all the dogs that have enriched our lives.

There are some daycares out there that haven't closed their doors, but even being open, with the reduced number of dogs and no boarding, we were barely making payroll. We decided that human life was more important than trying to make a profit or lack of profit. There was going to come a time to where we would not have enough money to pay the employees for their time.

I have never in my life begged for a hand out. I have always been strong and able to turn on a dime to make something out of nothing, but this has become something that is devastating for my employees, my family and myself.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. The picture below is only a fraction of our staff. This is everyone that was left when we closed our door at 7 pm on March 31st.

We are so grateful for any support you can provide.

  • Jason

  • Dewitt

  • Ryley

  • Keshaun

  • Nolan

  • Joaquin

  • Daniela

  • Ally

  • Ava

  • Rocky

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Created May 01, 2020 Houston, TX


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